Thank you for attending Border War VI The Sunseeke.

We are looking forward to see you on Border War VII - OP SKYLANCE in 2015.

During summer 2014 will take place 2 BW VII Prescenarios BW Spec Ops and BW Black Ops. For more info please send email on:

Before we will make overall summary of the event here is a small video teaser from one of the Slovakian Players to inhale a bit of Sunseeker atmosphere.


Event resume comming soon.

Yours BW Crew


Czech Army Seminars

During thursday you will have a very unique chance to see few things not everybody had seen so far, please make sure you book your place in Czech Army seminar tent on spot right away you arrive. There are  2 very unique seminars going to be presented to airsoft public, and definatelly it would be a pitty to miss it.

Each Seminar takes aproximatelly 60 minutes.

You will also have a chance to see some special equipment on spot...

With best regards BW Crew

Weather forecast

Please be adviced that longterm weather forecast is currently predicting rainy weather with around 7 degrees celsius at night, we will of course cross fingers for good weather but please prepare your gear accourdingly.

With best regards,

BW Crew




Do not miss the chance to visit the biggest airsoft shop in Central Europe


Are you going to Border War this year? Than do not miss the opportunity to visit the biggest airsoft shop in Middle Europe - just no more than 5 km from Prague city highway ring-road on your way.

The shop is operated by Bohemia Air Soft – Border War on spot partner for airsoft. You will find there more than 800 different types of airsoft guns, hundreds of different parts and accessories and huge selection of new and used military uniforms and tactical gear. This all and many more is presented on 230 square meters shopping room. Just for your imagination – if you will pass around all showcases you will walk more than 100 meters, so you will have good fitness before the game :-).


More details and photos from the shop you will find:


The shop address is:

company: Bohemia Air Soft

shop name:

street: Ratajska 504

city: Praha 9 – Ujezd nad Lesy

zip: 190 16

country: Czech Republic


opening time:

Mo: 9.00 – 17.00

Tu: 9.00 – 19.00

We: 9.00 – 15.00

Th: 9.00 – 19.00

Fr: 9.00 – 17.00


telephone: +420 774 774 378




Dear players,

you will be as well able to find products from Voodoo Tactical and UF PRO@ on spot.

Voodoo Tactical Europe

Voodoo Tactical Europe (VTE d.o.o.) is a company that designs, manufactures and distributes tactical equipment for military, police, medical personnel and fire fighters.

Our tactical equipment is known by high quality and low price.


Developing tactical garments is our passion.

UF PRO® stands for sophisticated tactical outdoor clothing that offers excellent wearer comfort, outstanding functionality and superb ergonomic properties.

UF PRO® garment systems are tailored to the needs of modern police and military forces in each single detail. Its functionality, ergonomic properties, comfort and durability play a major role in guaranteeing that any mission is completed successfully. With its innovative concepts and technologies, UF PRO® defines new standards in the field of tactical clothing.

Thanks to our close collaboration with special police and military forces, we continue to develop UF PRO® garment systems that are specifically tailored to the demands of modern-day operators.



Forum is fixed and up and running...

With best regards,

BW Crew






Dowload your ticket and find related ingame information  under your login here




Event is currently sold out

Players who havent managed to get  the ticket and willing to attend other of our events in 2014 please send your request to to receive more information.

With best regards,

Yours BW Crew


Ministry of Defence as a New Strategic Partner of BW MILSIM



BW MILSIM just recently gained a new strategic partner - Ministry of Defence of Czech Republic will be strategic partner of BW6.

Ministry of Defence will be featuring a interesting brogram features during the event - so far not seen on any other Airsoft event. Very unicue vehicle reviews, workshops, and seminars for the participants.



Border War MILSIM 5 - OP Warhammer Awarded as best Airsoft Event in 2013

Border War MILSIM was recently awarded by this prestigious award in February 2014 - It was second victory in the row after sucess in 2012. OP Warhammer in 2013 managed to underline the previous first place in the Popular Airsoft Awards again.

We would like to thank all of our fans and supporters for your votes.

We will do our best to make BW 6 even better to - go for the finals of Players Choice Awards again in 2014.

Yours BW Crew




The Border War season came soon so Bohemia Air Soft Company as the proud airsoft on spot partner of this great event wish to inform you briefly about our offers and services.

We offer 5% discounts for all Border War Registrated Game Participants for pre-orders made in our internet shop: <> . To use this discount just place order any time during one month time before Border War and select shipping method “Pick up” and write “Border War 2014” to the notice in order procedure. We will than take the goods for you directly to our stand in off-zone.

Our direct on spot point will include small shop with airsoft goods like are BBs, gas, magazines, some guns and tactical gear, quick repair service and gun rental. More info you can find in Partners section of the web page.

The last but not least the CZK and EUR will be accepted only to pay on spot.

Your BAS team.


Border War 5 Offical Video


WAVE 2 Tickets and Border War MILSIM Waiting List



WAVE 2 -Sold out


Register to the waiting list HERE

(Available after Wave 2 Tickets are sold out)




Dear players,

Let us briefly describe our new feature Border War MILSIM waiting list.

Due to extreme interest in our events we have decided to created this feature in order to help us with solutions for people who didn’t manage to register for the event due to registration overcapacity reasons.

As we have stated before, we have limited capacity for the event, but it doesn’t mean that if there is players who want to attend our events we might be able to come out with some solutions.

How does it work.

In the case Wave 2 tickets get sold out and you will not manage to register, you can register in to the waiting list.

Make sure you fill in correctly all data in the waiting list registration form – including how many previous events you attended, if you bring vehicles, if you want to be platoon leader and so on.

Once being in the waiting list you are not required to make any payments etc… because waiting list is not stating any prices.

If later on there will be free space to joint BW6 event, when there will be some unpaid tickets removed, etc… we will notify people on the waiting list with exact information, with  further steps how to register for BW6.

Waiting list is a separate registration from BW6 registration you will not find yourselves among BW6 registered players, once being on the waiting list.

Waiting list is valid until BW6 start.


BW Crew

Important Notice!!!!





If you paid and havent recived your ticket send confirmation of payment from your bank to for further validation.








Tickets available in Wave 1 vere sold out within 27 minutes, setting a BW MILSIM all time registration record.

WAVE 2 - Register to the event: Here

START 20:00 CET 6th November 2013


Wave 1 Tickets not covered within 30 days from registration will be deleted and space offered to Wave 2

Wave 3 is based upon current speed of registrations not sure if it will be open, as game capacity is limited.


Event Merchandice

Available in very limited ammount on spot.


This is a preview of the T Shirt designt Front - Back . Slight modifications might take place
Front side of the T-Shirt
Back side of the T-Shirt



Game Side Patches


TF IV - Game side patch 
TF - IV Concordian Marine Comandos - Army Patch
Pantheros Guerilla - Game Side Patch
Seekers Battalion - Army Patch
Triangle Corp Army Patch
BW Memorablia Patch
MSDF - Army Patch  
P1040434.JPG   Pictures are first prototypes, we will still make slight modifications.


Event date

Event will take place during last weekend of April 2014

Thursday 24th April, registration on spot from 10:00 a.m

Friday 25th April 12:00 Lunch time - Game On

Sunday 27th April 12:00 Lunch time - Game Off



Border War 6 Registration Information

Date of the event:

Event will happen in spring 2014 – exact date will be revealed enought time before registration will start.


Registration will start on Sunday 6th October 20:00 CET

Discounted tickets: First 100 discounted tickets – 30 Euro as allways

Wave 1 tickets: 40 Euro until sold out.

Wave 2 tickets: 50 Euro - November 6 – 31st December

Wave 3 tickets: (Last Moment Tickets): 60 Euro – January 1st – March 1st

No more tickets will be available after 1st March

Event was sold out last year in 12 hours of time. So we believe there will be minimum Wave 3 tickets. There for price remains the same as last year.


T Shirts: 15 Euro

Game side patch 5 Euro

Army patch: 5 Euro

Airmobile insertion ticket Ad on – very limited amount of tickets: +30 Euro

No more Paypal option for payment:

Paypal payment will not be possible and accepted. Reason for that is that Paypal as independent money provider (Not a bank) in past years kept significant amount of our funds frozen and unacessible several times for no reason, and we were not able to used them until end of the event. There for we have decided not to use the Paypall payment option in future anymore. In the case of some ticket payment problems please contact us directly on so we can find some solution.

Registration from October

We have decided to move the registration few weeks in advance compared to last year as after last year experience we would like to have more time to sort out registrations. Also we expect more time needed to process payments for tickets based upon cancelation of Paypal payment option. We also need more time for preparation of the player game rosters (Famous I want to play with roster building) on the HQs sooner than month before game start. For that we need to know who is coming for the game much earlier.

Prices – Prices will remain the same as last year, except Wave 3 last moment tickets, we don’t believe there will be any left after Wave 1 and Wave 2anyway.

Main planed improvements:

  • Faster chrono and faster chrono proces – 20 chrono stations (Significant reduction of chrono waiting time)
  • Field game props upgrade
  • PMC game fractions will be done a bit differently and improved to better
  • LARP segment upgrade
  • Bases – bases improvements structure and relocation planning in process
  • Regular event upgrade based upon player feedback and latest organisational experience
  • And more...

Press accreditation:

If you are a photographer, camera guy or a journalist please don’t hesitate to ask us for press accreditation. Accredited journalists photographers and camer man will have free ticket plus will receive special information before game.

Lookig worward to see you soon,

With best regards,

Yours BW Crew


Video Border War - Spec Ops - OP Raven Wing





Border War - Special Operations - OP Raven Wing


OP Raven Wing

Special Operations are a new type of event organised by Border War Crew. Compared to traditional Border War MILSIM battle simulation, Operation Raven Wing brought the player experience into the fog of Special Forces Operations. Mid-size invite only event revealed a special chapter in the traditional Border War world focusing on endurance based Special Forces assignments. 

Event was attended by selected teams and individuals from Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Germany, Russia, Italy and France. During the day temperature raised up to 39 degrees Celsius in the shade. All participants carried all of their gear on their backs for the duration of the event. Operation included intensive CQB missions during day and night, light and heavy armored motorised vehicles were used during the event. Operation Raven Wing was a first prescenario of the upcoming Border War VI “The Sunseeker” which is already being prepared for upcoming international milsim season of 2014.

More information and photos can be found here



BW 5 Official Video Released



BW Crew - No. 1 Among the Best!

We have won in the famoust competition and ranked first in making best airsoft event in the eyes of broad airsoft public from Czech Republic and rest of the world! Competing against main airsoft large scale events in US and Europe. The price have came first time to Europe and we are proud to to be the first ones who present it to you from Czech Republic. We do our best to bring it to you also next year!

Thanks all of you who voted for us and supported us and also to our competitors who have been nominated to the first league of airsoft events ( Nominated were: Border War - Czech Republic, Berget - Sweden, Lion Claws - US, Oklahoma Airsoft - US, Ground Weekender - UK) for being tought oponents in the Players Choice Awards competition, we are proud to be the No 1 among the best!




Videos from Border War 1,2,3,4 and more...



journalist.jpg You can download latest Border War videos here.


Days to beginning: N/A
2013 and 2014 Players Choice Award
Best Airsoft Event
with 500+ Players in 2013
Voted by readers of Popular Airsoft Magazine
Supported by:
Armáda České Republiky

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