Days to beginning: N/A

BW9 Date:

Border War 9: In planning - April 2017

Registration Start: 7.8. 2016

Border War Black Ops 5 30.9-2.10.2016

Registration start - End of June

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Border War MILSIM - Episode 8



               Thank you for attending BW8 the Warchief

Tag your selve on official photos HERE and HERE on Border War MILSIM official facebook page.

We are looking forward to see you on Border War 9. Scenario for BW9 will be released during the summer.

Official video from BW9 is in preparation.

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With best regards,

Yours BW Crew


Ministry of Defence a strategic partner of Border War MILSIM events


Border War MILSIM just recently confirmed with Ministry of Defence of Czech Republic strategic partnership on BW9.

Ministry of Defence will be featuring a interesting program features during the event - so far not seen...   

Border War MILSIM - Episode 7


Border War MILSIM - Episode 6 

Border War MILSIM - Episode 5



Videos from Border War 1,2,3,4 and more...

You can see Border War MILSIM videos here.

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Rules updates: Check out the rules section for the new FPS limits and another minor rules updates.
Rule 3.20 updated - Respawn
Supported by:
Armáda České Republiky

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