BW8 - The Warchief - first event details

Date: BW8 - 22-24.4.2016

Registration check in day on spot 21st April.

Registration Ticket Sale: Sunday 27th September 20:00 p.m. CET (We hope the system will not melt down after updates - last year we have been sold out totally in less than 20 minutes)

Prices Are for the event the same as for BW7 there is no price increase

Wave 1 - 50 Euro

Wave 2 - 60 Euro

Wave 3 and Last Moment tickets - 70 Euro

Wave 3 will be opened after small pausa few minutes after Wave 1 and Wave 2 will be finished on the same day of the registration.

T shirts: 15 Euro

Patches as allways 5 euro / per patch

Collector piece Soft Shell Jackets - 65 Euro

Baseball cap - 10 Euro

You would be able to make as well BB order to pick bbs on spot - stay tuned for prices and more info

Designs are being recently finished will be released soon... Scenario - is still subject of minor changes but can bee seen allready on the web page in English.

Yours BW Crew

Upcoming Events 2015


BW8 registration - The Warchief - Early September (Scenario release July)

BW7 final video released



BW Advanced Warfare: Operation Emerging Hope

About the event:
Advanced warfare is a final chapter of BW7 which is based upon the
direct result of the event.  There for the scenario information is coming
a bit last moment.
OP Emerging hope is an open game scenario. Everybody is welcomed to join.
Price: Event price is 35 Euro. Ticket does not include food.
Date: June 12-14
Game start: Friday 22:00 – Game On. Game End – Sunday 12:00 p.m. lunch time.
Merchandise: BW7 merchandise with color adaptations and unique memorabilia patch. Patch – 5 Euro
Game sides will have fixed bases of deployment
Maximal amount of players is 300
Based on the recent development of Operation Skylance…

Heavy fighting among Task Force 39 and insurgents let to many prisoners of war on the Task Force side. Minacuan Government wants to liberate the prisoners without paying huge ransom to the insurgents. So far non of the Insugents haven’t offered exchange of prisoners but information about Insurgent camps with eventual Task Force prisoners just certainly leaked from someinformators. Time to strike is now.
Chaos of the battlefield in Estern Barrambatang enabled smugglers to obtain some of the technology fragments of SW25 satelite and to transport it to the Northern Barrambatang area. Just 30 kilometers from the crash sites it is expected a black trade shall take place at any moment – smugglers will offer the fragments to unknown buyer for a very high price. Taskforce ODA 352 SF units must stop the trade at any cost where unknown buyer will be as well nice target to capture. Finding of POWs camp and freeing of the prisoners will be a must as well.
Task force units are supported by the Roctech specialist to help securing the lost fragments of technology. Sledgehammer Ltd. Mercenaries are  supporting the unknown buyer.
Reports and debris from the crash site also show that most of the satellites weapons of mass destruction were destroyed on the orbit except 1 as it seems. Tracking device was most probably destroyed on the way to the Norther Barrambatang. No one knows where it is but it must be found fast before in falls to wrong hands.
Game Sides: TF39 - ODA 352
                 The Cobras and Barrambatang Freedom Fighters
                 Roctech and Sledgehammer PMC
                 As described - in the Sides of the conflict scenario.

Register to the event: HERE

Options for vehicle emitors and for BBs proorder ar just testing features at the moment There are only BW 7 memorablia T shirts available.
More Informations:
Forum will start to operate shortly.


Dear MILSIMers,
Thank you for participating on BW7 - for your information first work on BW8 allready started.
There are 3 more events coming this year we would like to let you know about
BW Advanced Warfare I: OP Emerging Hope

Special Tactics Scenario - with Larp Elements - finishing chapter of BW7

Date: 12-14 June 2015

Max: 300 Players

Open Event – Larpers welcomed

Location: Ralsko
BW Special Operations III.: OP Crimson Feather

Includes open terrain and as well CQB Missions and ussage of pyro during cqb

Date: 31july - 2nd august 2015

Invite Only or BW3+ veterans max 200 players

In not invited and interested to join Apply on:

Location: Near Prague
Upon Invite or with preaproved registration Available to BW 3+ Events veterans 
BW Black Ops IV: OP Winged Dagger

Date: October 2-4

Invite only or BW3+ Veterans - Max 200 players

In not invited and interested to join Apply on:

Location: Ralsko Battlefield
Registration BW8 - August / Early September
BW8 Scenario release - August

Winning 5th Players Choice Awards - GOLDEN HATTRICK Achieved
Golden hattrick is here!
Border War MILSIM have been recently voted as a Best Airsoft Event in 2014 in Popular Airsoft Awards. Third time in the row winning in category best airsoft event with more than 500 people, Border War MILSIM sets a golden hattrick in this category and in the history of the Popular Airsoft Awards in category best airsoft event.
BW MILSIM achieved the victory over strong competiton of other events nominated from Czech Republic, Europe and US. "Its a major achievent for Border War Crew, and a great accomplishment for a very hard work! We will do our best to win in the award again in the future, as well we would like to thank all supporters for their trust and loyalty" says Mike von Bulow - Border War MILSIM founder.
Golden Hattrick have been achieved with Border War 4 (Best Airsoft Event in 2012), BW 5 (Best Airsoft Event in 2013), BW 6 (Best Airsoft Event in 2014).
Border War MILSIM features main Battle Sim in April - BW6 OP Skylance, Mid Size Advanced Warfare scenario continuing the April Battle will follow up in July, Special Operations chapter will reveal the first scenario of BW8 in August and HC MILSIM - BW Black Ops will close the BW Crews orga season of 2015 in October with the second prescenario of BW 8.
Thank you one more time for your support, trust and loyalty we will do our best to make our events even better for you in the future.
Border War Crew

Tickets payments
Dear registered participants you can see your player profile and other needed information once pressing the section tickets on right side of the web page and registering with your nickname and password.
We are currently working on tickets payment procedure and as well we receive many emails, where many ask for information either specified on the web page or in the player profile in order to speed up this process we suggest to check your player profiles.
We would like to also advise everybody who havent covered his or hers participation fee to do so as soon as soon as possible, so we dont have to remove his or her tickets after payment reminders.
People who have payd ticket more than 10 days ago and are not listed as payd send right away scanned payment confirmation to:
With best regards,
Yours BW Crew

Last 170 tickets to wave 2 and full Wave 3
Wave 2 last ticket (Sold out) - after they are registered out - Wave 3 (70 Euro) very last tickets
If you dont manage to register dont give up and register to the waiting list. All unpaid tickets according to the payment conditions will be deleted and empty space offered to people on the waiting list.


Waiting list:HERE

In the case there will be lot of players in the waiting list we will consider opening of second Chapter of BW7 in 2015.

Wave 2 and Wave 3 registration date and procedure update

Player list is up - you can see it under your registered player profile login together with your registration data once registering using your Nickname and Password.
Ticket Info:
Remaining tickets of wave 2 (cca 200) followed by full wave 3 will take place on Friday 3rd October 20:00 CET (I cross fingers you will not blow off the server again)
Waiting list will be opened in the same time as well so everybody would have a chance to register to the waiting list.
All tickets not covered on time based upon the payment conditions will be deleted and ofered to participants on the waiting list (just in case we would get sold out again)
As we are currently being heavily bombarded by emails and forum messages and facebook messages from participanst who want to join our events.
We will based upon the number of people on the waiting list and overal situation with regitration consider issuing more details regarding the BW7 possible Chapter 2 in 2015.
Thansk for your support and trust in us.
Yours Border War Crew

Dear Border War Fans,

We would like to update you on registrations for upcoming event. After yesterday registration storm we needed to run an registration maintanace- Meaning all double bookings caused by registration system overload will be deleted.
Registration overload leading to system knock out was caused by several thousand players trying to register in the same time which was somehow unexpected from our side.
Current status:
Wave 1 - Sold Out
Wave 2  - Apx 80% Sold out

Next steps:

Maintenace and Overbookins deleted - done
Player Registration list made available - done
Date issued for finishing of Registration Wave 2 (By the end of this week) less than 200 tickets left at the moment. - done
Wave 2 - last tickets released - Friday 3rd October
Waiting list opened - Friday 3rd October
Wave 3 - sale will start right after Wave 2 fill finish.
In the case of sufficient number of players based upon waiting list information decision for opening a second scenario for 2015 will be made made - Information released - After waiting list and and Wave 3 registration finished
We have as well receved several hundreds of emails we are going to reply to all of them but iw would require some time.
Thank you for your loyalty, trust in us and patience,
With best regards,
Your BW Crew


Registration to Wave 1 and Wave 2 tickets: 
Pay special attention to:
Fill in all mandatory fields!
Mark if you are an offzone sleeper in the registration it is a very important information for us due to logistics connected to the new battlefield!!!
Inserting correctly phone number according to the scheme +420 123456789
Vehcile and antivehicle solutions - if filling in it will give us estimate how many devices will be needed for a game of our size. This material will appear only in limited numbers in 2015. But please mark it for the future.
All registration fee must be covered within 30 days from registering they will be deleted and free space will be offered to the players on waiting list.
Make sure you put your player ID within the payment for easier identification.
Good luck with registering,
Yours BW Crew



Game Side Patches

TF 39 - Game side patch 
TF - 39 ODA 352 - Army Patch
Insurgents - Game Side Patch
Barrambatang Freedom Fighters- Army Patch
Roctech Game Side Patch
Roctech Army Patch
Sledge Hammer - Game Side Patch
 Sledge Hammer - Army Patch
BW7sledge1.png BW7sledge2.png
Smugler Patch
Smugler Patch Army  
Memorablia Patch Pictures are first prototypes, we will still make slight modifications.
BW7memo.png All patches can still be slightly modified
Scenario T Shirt front Scenario T Shirt Back
 BW7memoshirtfront.png  BW7momoshirtback.png
 Game Side Task Force T Shirt - front
  Game Side Task Force T Shirt - back
 BW7ODAfront.png  gamesidetshirt1tf39.png
Game Side Insurgent T Shirt - front game Side Insurgent T Shirt - back
 BW7insurgentsfront.png  BW7insurgentsback.png
Game Side ROCTECH T Shirt - front Game Side ROCTECH T Shirt - back
BW7roctechshirtfront.png BW7roctechshirtback.png
Game Side Sledgehammer T Shirt Front Game Side Sledgehammer T Shirt back
BW7sledgehammerfront.png BW7sledgehammerback.png
Soft Shell Jacket Front Soft Shell Jacket Back
BW7jacketfront.png BW7jacketback.png
Scenario Border War MILSIM- Baseball Cap
 cepice.png  All merchandice will still go throught minor changes

Border War 7 - Operation SKYLANCE

Registration start: 28.9.2014 20:00 CET - Limited Ammount Of Tickets

Event dates:

Thursday 23th April, registration on spot from 10:00 a.m
Friday 24th April 12:00 Lunch time - Game On
Sunday 26th April 12:00 Lunch time - Game Off

New event features:

  • New epic scale battleground - 100% woodland
  • Game upgrade based upon BW 7 player feedback
  • Stronger MILSIM focus
  • New technological features focusing on special targets
And much more...
Usage of player vehicles is not confirmed at the moment due to the new terrain we are working on it with the landlord.


Wave 1:Sold out
Wave 2: Sold out
New registration feature: Wave 2 will start right after Wave 1 ticket slots will be used.
Ticket include as every year 1x Sausage, 1x Non Alcoholic Beer, 1x Tea.
Wave 3 and last moment tickets: (If opened - info will follow - but most likely will not be available) 70 Euro
Minor ticket price increase:
Dear players unfortunately we had to slightly increase the ticket price mainly due to: increasing rental contracts, value added taxes we have to pay and which are included in the ticket price, investments connected to the player in game logistics and transport due to the new battleground, investments focusing on advanced technologies used during the game as well due to the fact that we need to hire more people to run the event. Plus we would like to develop more the idea of in game facilities and structures like Oligarchs castle etc. Village, bunkers for which we need to hire larger assembly and building crew.
Our intension is as you know to make the game for you always and unique and maximum MILSIM experience. We have not increased prices last year as we had known we needed to improve chrono and some other stuff – which we managed to do so, unfortunately this year we had to make this step but we assure you it will be worth it for the sake of game quality and player safety and another epic scale gaming experience.
Safety and Quality first.
Of course quality of the event and player service is our main focus right after the player safety and from last year experience. There for we need to also hire more medical and security staff to be present also permanently on the player bases in order to check on the players health, dress code and rules obeying.
Part of every ticket price will be as well delivered with Border War Charity program for supporting kids.
Thank you for your trust and understanding,
What if I dont manage to get the ticket:
Register to the waiting list and/or you can hope to buy some on the forum.
Unpaid registrations not paid within 30 days from registration will be deleted and empty registration slots offered to the people on the waiting list according to our registration rules.
Airmobile: Yes will be available in limited ammount - ticket price add on: +35 Euro.
Player vehicles: At the moment possible ussage not confirmed


All memorablia and merchandise will be on spot only in limited ammount.
  • Patches (Game Side, Army Side, Memorabilia): 5 Euro
  • T Shirt (BW 7 Memorablia): 15 Euro
  • Game side T Shirt - Task Force, Insurgents, PMCs etc...: 15 Euro
  • Border War MILSIM Baseball Cap: 10 Euro
  • High Quality Soft Shell Border War MILSIM Jacket (BW7 Limited edition): 65 Euro

Ammo Packages

Border War Crew planned events in 2015
New: BW 7 - The Aftermatch (MILSIM, Survival, LARP) - June
Border War Special Operations (HC MILSIM) - August
Border War Black Ops - (HC MILSIM+) - October

No more Paypal option for payment:

Paypal payment will not be possible and accepted. Reason for that is that Paypal as independent money provider (Not a bank) in past years kept significant amount of our funds frozen and unacessible several times for no reason, and we were not able to used them until end of the event. There for we have decided not to use the Paypall payment option in future anymore. In the case of some ticket payment problems please contact us directly on so we can find some solution.

Press accreditation:

If you are a photographer, camera guy or a journalist please don’t hesitate to ask us for press accreditation. Accredited journalists photographers and camer man will have free ticket plus will receive special information before game.
Lookig worward to see you soon,
With best regards,
Yours BW Crew

Border War - Black Ops - The Banshee Protocol

Dear MILSIMers,
Second prescenario of upcoming BW7 have recently finished on first weekend of September.
We must admit it was a blast according to the participants.
Intensive Night and Day missions filled in all 36 hour scenario directly influencing Border War 7 secenario development.
With the second prescenario finished we can finalize the story line of upcoming Border War 7 that will take place last weekend of April 2015.

Check our Facebook for pictures and Videos from
First Prescenarion - BW Spec Ops - Red Talon
Second Prescenaro - BW Black Ops - The Banshee Protocol
Please stay tuned for more updates!
Yours BW Crew

Video from Spec Ops 2 OP Red Talon first prescenario

Ministry of Defence as a Strategic Partner of Border War MILSIM events.

BW MILSIM just recently confirmed with - Ministry of Defence of Czech Republic will be strategic partner of BW7.
Ministry of Defence will be featuring a interesting brogram features during the event - so far not seen on any other Airsoft event. Very unicue vehicle reviews, workshops, and seminars for the participants.

Border War MILSIM 5 - OP Warhammer Awarded as best Airsoft Event in 2013

Border War MILSIM was recently awarded by this prestigious award in February 2014 - It was second victory in the row after sucess in 2012. OP Warhammer in 2013 managed to underline the previous first place in the Popular Airsoft Awards again.
We would like to thank all of our fans and supporters for your votes.
We will do our best to make BW 6 even better to - go for the finals of Players Choice Awards again in 2014.
Yours BW Crew


Border War 5 Offical Video


WAVE 2 Tickets and Border War MILSIM Waiting List


WAVE 2 -Sold out

Register to the waiting list HERE
(Available after Wave 2 Tickets are sold out)
Dear players,
Let us briefly describe our new feature Border War MILSIM waiting list.
Due to extreme interest in our events we have decided to created this feature in order to help us with solutions for people who didn’t manage to register for the event due to registration overcapacity reasons.
As we have stated before, we have limited capacity for the event, but it doesn’t mean that if there is players who want to attend our events we might be able to come out with some solutions.
How does it work.
In the case Wave 2 tickets get sold out and you will not manage to register, you can register in to the waiting list.
Make sure you fill in correctly all data in the waiting list registration form – including how many previous events you attended, if you bring vehicles, if you want to be platoon leader and so on.
Once being in the waiting list you are not required to make any payments etc… because waiting list is not stating any prices.
If later on there will be free space to joint BW6 event, when there will be some unpaid tickets removed, etc… we will notify people on the waiting list with exact information, with  further steps how to register for BW6.
Waiting list is a separate registration from BW6 registration you will not find yourselves among BW6 registered players, once being on the waiting list.
Waiting list is valid until BW6 start.
BW Crew

Important Notice!!!!

If you paid and havent recived your ticket send confirmation of payment from your bank to for further validation.




Tickets available in Wave 1 vere sold out within 27 minutes, setting a BW MILSIM all time registration record.

WAVE 2 - Register to the event: Here

START 20:00 CET 6th November 2013

Wave 1 Tickets not covered within 30 days from registration will be deleted and space offered to Wave 2
Wave 3 is based upon current speed of registrations not sure if it will be open, as game capacity is limited.

Video Border War - Spec Ops - OP Raven Wing



Videos from Border War 1,2,3,4 and more...

journalist.jpg You can download latest Border War videos here.

Days to beginning: 238
Border War 7 Sponsored by:
Supported by:
Armáda České Republiky

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