Dear MILSIMers,

Thank you for attending BW8 The Warchief.

We are now collecting feedback and photos from the event to make a event resume.

We would like to share with you some news before a major Border War Website upgrade.

BW Black Ops are in planning for End of September/Beggining of October - stay tuned for more news.

BW9 - Will take place in April 2017 - registration will start in August.

In the meantime you can Tag yourselve HERE and HERE.

With best regards,


Border War Crew


Event update

BW8 is behind the corner and we would like to inform you about some important details.

Crew will be not online from Sunday 17th untill end of the event.

Player roster is closed - no more changes possible

Vehicle selection is finalised - no more changes possible

Arrival to offzone possible from wednesday lunch time.

Shops on spot:

All shops on spot offer discounts connected to the Border War 8 and deliver ordered goods on spot.

Main Partner - Czech Armed forces

Pandur II display

Real Steel display

Biochemical Warfare Unit - vehicle and crew

Border War Original Merchandice shop

NEW Laser Cut Patches, High Quality T-Shirts, Hoodies, Jackets, Baseball Hats, Embrodiery Patches, Limited Airmobile patch collection, collector patches from previous events available in limited quantity.

Shops on spot list:

Bohemia Airsoft - Main arsoft shop - order before event pick up on spot

New product display stands:

ASG display and new Bren prototype premiere

Gunfire display booth

Shops on spot:

Jackets to Go (patches) (Original Dogtag production on spot)

Tactical Pro (Cobra belts with exellent discount)



Lahve SOS

Marine Shop


365+ design (20% - 35% discount)


We will have catering as allways awailable for players from early hours to midningt on base and offzone.

We are looking forward to see you.

Safe travel.

Yours BW Crew




Thank you for your support!

Thank you for your great support in 6th Popular Airsoft Awards Finals. For the Fift Time - We have managed to Win last in 3 categories.

We won 2 categorises below:

9) Best Airsoft video by Nowritsch - Border War 7- Sniper Game Play

10) Best Airsoft Event with 500+ people - Border War 7

Thank you very much for your help and support in advance,

Yours BW Crew




Dear MILSIMers,


Thank you for yesterday massive registration for the event - during yesterday 99,9% of tickets have been booked. This morning 0,01% which remained. We are currently sold out.

We started receiving emails asking for extra registration to certain game fractions which reached capacity limits from players who didnt manage to register during the yesterdays registration and as well from BW veterans who didnt manage to register.

Its quite many emails to be honest.

We cannot boost at the moment more capacity for the event - but as is known in the payment conditions players have 30 days to cover their registration fees.

Tickets not covered according to the payment rules will be deleted - and than we will have plenty of tickets to offer to the people who are willing to join our event.

So all of you who didnt manage to register - please be patient at the moment - more tickets will be available in the future.

Thank you very much for your support, trust and loyalty,

Yours BW Crew

Wave 1 - Sold Out (4 minutes)

Wave 2 - Sold Out ( 10 minutes)

Wave 3 - last moment tickets - OPEN NOW - untill sold out




Registration on 27th September 20:00 CET

All 3 waves of tickets will be released on Sunday

Wave 1 and Wave 2 will launch automaticaly, Wave 3 last moment tickets will be put to sale after few minutes pause after Wave 1 and Wave 2 tickets run out.

Ticket include as every year 1x Sausage, 1x Non Alcoholic Beer, 1x Tea.

We have undertaken upgrades of system and servers - in the case the registration server will be overhelmed - please be patient. We hope this situation will not occur.

Good luck with your registration and thank you for your support and loyalty,

Yours BW Crew

Registration hints

Registration to Wave 1 and Wave 2 and Wave 3 tickets: 
Pay special attention to:
Fill in all mandatory fields!
Mark if you are an offzone sleeper in the registration it is a very important information for us due to logistics connected to the new battlefield!!!
Inserting correctly phone number according to the scheme +420 123456789
All registration fee must be covered within 30 days from registering they will be deleted and free space will be offered to the players on waiting list.
Make sure you put your player ID within the payment for easier identification.
Good luck with registering,
Yours BW Crew

No Paypal option for payment:

Paypal payment will not be possible and accepted. In the case of some ticket payment problems please contact us directly on so we can find some solution.

Press accreditation:

If you are a photographer, camera guy or a journalist please don’t hesitate to ask us for press accreditation. Accredited journalists photographers and camer man will have free ticket plus will receive special information before game.



BW8 Merchandice

BW8 Merchandice is visible below. On spot will be very limited number.

BB preorder - Bohemia Airsoft as a main distributor of airsoft goods offered to make preorder for G and G BIO bbs you can preorder in the registration system - deliver by Bohemia airsoft will be on spot.

Plastic veteren shoulder patches are as well available now in the registration system.

We wish all the best during the registration on the 27th September.

Yours BW Crew.

Memorablia T Shirt BW8 Front side
Memorablia T shirt BW8 back side
 Memorablia BW8 Campaign Cap
 BW8 Memorablia Patch
 BW8 Memorablia Soft Shell - Front
 BW8 Memorablia Soft Shell - Back
 BW8jacketfrontpng.png  BW8jacketbackpng.png
 TF 225 - Game Side Patch
 TF 225 - Army Patch
 BW8TF1.png  BW8TF2.png
 Militia - Game Side Patch
 Militia - Army Patch
 BW8MI1.png  BW8MI2.png
Greyhound Defence - Game Side Patch Greyhound Defence - Army Patch
 BW8GR1.png  BW8GR2.png
Phoenix Corp - Game Side Patch Phoenix Corp - Army Patch
 BW8PH1.png  BW8PH2.png
TF 225  Game Side T Shirt - Sand - Front
TF 225  Game Side T Shirt - Sand - Back
 BW8tf225front.png  BW8tf225back.png
Militia - Game Side T shirt - Green -  Front Militia Game Side T shirt - Green - Back
 BW8milfront.png  BW8militiaback.png
Greyhound Defence - Game Side T shirt - Grey - Front Greyhound Defence - Game Side T shirt - Grey - Front
 BW8grtshirtfront.png  BW8grtshirtback.png
Phoenix Corp - Game Side T Shirt - Green - Front Phoenix Corp - Game Side T shirt - Green - Back
 BW8phoenixfront.png  BW8phoenixback.png
Veteran Plastic Shoulder Patch Campaign plastic Shoulder Patch
 BW8shoulderveteranpatch.png  BW8shoulderpatch.png


BW8 - The Warchief - first event details

Date: BW8 - 22-24.4.2016

Registration check in day on spot 21st April.

Registration Ticket Sale: Sunday 27th September 20:00 p.m. CET (We hope the system will not melt down after updates - last year we have been sold out totally in less than 20 minutes)

Prices Are for the event the same as for BW7 there is no price increase

Wave 1 - 50 Euro

Wave 2 - 60 Euro

Wave 3 and Last Moment tickets - 70 Euro

Wave 3 will be opened after small pausa few minutes after Wave 1 and Wave 2 will be finished on the same day of the registration.

T shirts: 15 Euro

Patches as allways 5 euro / per patch

Collector piece Soft Shell Jackets - 65 Euro

Baseball cap - 10 Euro

You would be able to make as well BB order to pick bbs on spot - stay tuned for prices and more info

Yours BW Crew

Upcoming Events 2015


BW8 registration - The Warchief - Early September (Scenario release July)

BW7 final video released


Ticket include as every year 1x Sausage, 1x Non Alcoholic Beer, 1x Tea.
Wave 3 and last moment tickets: (If opened - info will follow - but most likely will not be available) 70 Euro

Video from Spec Ops 2 OP Red Talon first prescenario

Ministry of Defence as a Strategic Partner of Border War MILSIM events.

BW MILSIM just recently confirmed with - Ministry of Defence of Czech Republic will be strategic partner of BW7.
Ministry of Defence will be featuring a interesting brogram features during the event - so far not seen on any other Airsoft event. Very unicue vehicle reviews, workshops, and seminars for the participants.

Border War MILSIM 5 - OP Warhammer Awarded as best Airsoft Event in 2013

Border War MILSIM was recently awarded by this prestigious award in February 2014 - It was second victory in the row after sucess in 2012. OP Warhammer in 2013 managed to underline the previous first place in the Popular Airsoft Awards again.
We would like to thank all of our fans and supporters for your votes.
We will do our best to make BW 6 even better to - go for the finals of Players Choice Awards again in 2014.
Yours BW Crew


Border War 5 Offical Video



Video Border War - Spec Ops - OP Raven Wing



Videos from Border War 1,2,3,4 and more...

journalist.jpg You can download latest Border War videos here.

Days to beginning: N/A
Border War 7 Sponsored by:
Supported by:
Armáda České Republiky

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